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Urban Rebounding - Home Study Program
The Urban Rebounding Home Study is an alternative to attending an Urban Rebounding Instructor Training Workshop. 

The Home Study consists of reading, writing and practical assignments meant to enhance your understanding of Urban Rebounding and develop your proficiency in Urban Rebounding and instruction. 

Included in the Home Study:
• Urban Rebounder (Option 1 only)
• Instructor Training Manual
- (Preview)
• Home Study Guide - (Preview)
• 3 Urban Rebounding Compilation DVDs

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The Gym Urban Rebounder is unlike any rebounder made. It is specifically made for the gym environment and designed for continual use. The Gym Urban Rebounder weighs over 30 pounds and is made of high yield steel. The mat material is the same quality of the trade name PERMATRON but less slippery when wet from sweat . The skirt is pulled back several inches from the mat to allow for more surface space to Urban Rebound. The legs are securely held in by inner spring legs, that will not break like other competitors. The springs are jumbo tapered and are supported by steel pins.

There are other rebounder's that try to mimic the Gym Urban Rebounder but do not use the heavy duty steel nor compressed steel in the our pins, which support the springs. Many of the strength benefits of the Gym Urban Rebounder can not be seen with the eye alone. The Gym Urban Rebounder is the only rebounder endorsed in the over 3000 gyms worldwide that have Urban Rebounding Programs.


GYM Urban Rebounder Difference:
The Gym/Personal Trainer Urban Rebounder weights 6 more pounds than the home urban rebounder because of heavier steel tubing
The Gym Urban Rebounder uses stronger strings
The Gym Urban Rebounder uses stronger pins that connect into the springs
The Gym Urban Rebounder has a stronger mat with more stitches
The Gym Urban Rebounder has stronger rubber tips


The Urban Rebounding Gym unit is different from the infomercial unit in that the gym urban rebounder is the exact urban rebounder sold to the 3000 plus fitness centers (Ballys, Crunch. Sports Club LA, World Gyms, Gold's Gym, YMCA, Equinox) that have the urban rebounding group fitness program. 

The Gym Urban Rebounder weighs 35 pounds (6 pounds heavier than the infomercial unit) and can withstand a larger load verses the infomercial unit.  The springs are larger and the high yield steel tubing is thicker, the legs are wider and the unit is 2.5 inches larger, allowing for more service space to urban rebound.

The Gym Urban Rebounding system comes with an incredible 20 different workouts for close to 20 hours of Urban Rebounding programming.

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